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Top #10 Best Shampoo for Swimmers with Color Treated Hair in 2019

Swimming can be a profession, or it can be a hobby as well for some people. It keeps the swimmers physically fit and mentally stress-free. But it may affect the body, and it can cause hair issues. But does that mean you should switch your profession or your hobby to a different activity? Well, no. … Read more

Shoes For Morton's Neuroma Review

Top 10 Best Shoes For Morton’s Neuroma Review [UPDATED 2019]

For athletes, it is most common to have pain in their feet, but people won’t realize when a minor pain becomes major and create problems like Morton’s Neuroma. And let me tell you that, you need a special pair of shoes to help you in reducing such pains. Just imagine how irritating it could be … Read more

Best Running Shoes For Shin Splints

Top 10 Best Running Shoes For Shin Splints Review [Updated 2019]

Shin Splints, well these two words are like a course for every runner. A runner never wants to hear these 2 words, but the unfortunate truth is that these are the recurring problem which many runners have to face. And if I talk about the numbers, around 10-15% runner get injured due to shin splints … Read more

Best Shoes For Supination Review

Top 15 Best Women’s Running Shoes For Supination Review

Do you face anything like high arches? Did you have to run on your outer edge? If your answer is yes, then there is a chance that you supinate. And let me tell you that, if you are facing any kind of pain due to supination, then I guess you are running in the wrong … Read more